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Life Imitates Weekly World News?

In the wake of Osama Bin Laden's death, a host of revelations regarding the al-Qaida terror network's methods are emerging. Especially shocking is their use of dwarves.

Oddly, this 2004 headline from Weekly World News may very well be true. Consider the evidence in this video: Watch Video »


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Payable to Red China stamp

Add a little bit of fun to our country's current financial cesspool. While we would not advocate defacing currency, we know you will think of many amusing and satisfying uses for our RED self-inking stamper, Payable to Red China. All purchases at The Patriot Shop support our Mission of Service to America's Armed Forces.



Revisionist History

Apparently, Bin Laden was hiding in plain sight for quite a while. -- Submitted


We ran this one last week, but in light of recent events...

Top Ten Reasons
Obama Delayed Releasing His Birth Certificate

10: Waiting for Office Depot to put printers on sale.
9: Rahm Emanuel padded his resume-- turns out he didn't know Photoshop after all.
8: Hadn't read the Constitution, so didn't know one was required.
7: Figured if he waited long enough the majority of voters would be illegal aliens too.
6: Michelle kept dragging him to JC Penny to buy her more clothes.
5: Was waiting for Hawaii to become the 58th state.
4: Amazon was sold out of Swahili to English dictionaries.
3: Just now found it in a pile of old Whitewater documents the Clintons left behind.
2: Hey, mortgaging America's future is a lot tougher than community organizing-- give the guy a break.
1: It's George Bush's fault.


And now for a cartoon

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